Matt Mason – "E" – (OFFICIAL Lyric video)

Official E Lyric Video

OFFICIAL “E” Lyric video.


I got home from Wichita,
A couple days before I thought,
Didn’t recognize the truck parked in my drive.
My boots hit the hardwood floor,
Busted through the bedroom door,
I guess I must’ve caught you by surprise.

By the time he got his buckle on,
I hit the safe and grabbed my gun,
You were begin’ me with tears in your eyes.
Screamin’ Baby let him go,
You don’t want that on your soul,
I said a man is gonna die tonight.

I’m chasin’ taillights,
Straight as the crow flies,
Huntin’ justice down a country road.
I’ve got a shot gun,
It’s ridin’ shotgun,
And we’re both fixin’ to unload.
Son I know what you done,
There’s only one way to outrun me.
You better pray, your tank,
Don’t beat mine to E

Just blew past the county line,
Needles pushin’ ninety-five,
I’m on you like a shadow move for move.
All you see is my headlights,
I see the whites in your eyes,
And that fear mirrored in your rearview.
Go ahead and ride the gas,
Don’t think that your liven’ man,
Just cause you make it past dead mans curve.
Man as far as I can tell,
We might both end up in hell,
But your sure as hell join’ first




Matt Mason Enterprises owns all music, lyric, and video. Reserved 2014


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