al Murry at the Alhambra

Al Murray: Landlord of Hope and Glory
The year is 2020. The world stands on the brink. Turmoil is the norm.
Questions have been asked and none answered.
What we need is one man, to step forward, one man with all the answers.
Well you’re in luck, ladies and gentlemen – he’s here and touring the nation. 

Press for Landlord of Hope and Glory:

‘It remains one of the great joys in comedy to see the Pub Landlord befriend and belittle the front rows, blithely dishing out attributes to them, responding with superfast wit… as he has an audience with a pulse and an onstage pump that dispenses frothy lager for him to spill on them, Murray will always be a good night out.’
Dominic Maxwell, The Times

‘Landlord of Hope and Glory is a rambunctiously good night out… he’s always the sharpest operator when it comes to quick-thinking mockery, and it’s great to witness such mastery.’
Steve Bennett, Chortle 

‘Al Murray’s brilliant creation has become an essential part of the British comedy landscape… it’s a joy to see him work himself into a froth.’
Claire Smith, The Scotsman

still funny after all these years
Veronica Lee, The Arts Desk

it never ceases to amaze me that he can come up with such good gags off the cuff
Bruce Dessau, The Evening Standard

  Age suitability:
“14+, but they’re your kids so its up to you!” The Pub Landlord

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