Removing Barriers to Value-Based Care: A Roundtable with Surgeons General

What unique insights can four former Surgeons General of the United States share about transforming healthcare delivery by combining the lessons learned from value-based care and population health, and their role in effecting lasting change to care delivery during and beyond the pandemic?

Hosted by Dr. William Shrank, Chief Medical and Corporate Affairs officer for Humana, these former US Surgeons General bring powerful perspectives and their considerable experience to bear on the past, present and future of healthcare – particularly in light of the worldwide pandemic. Surgeons General – Richard H. Carmona (17th), David Satcher (16th), M. Joycelyn Elders (15th), and Antonia C. Novello (14th) – have served at the highest level of America’s public health efforts and will share the challenges and opportunities of aging they have faced in their professional and personal lives.

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